Can you Speak more than English?

Can you Speak more than English? Are you able to communicate well in not just English but also another language, perhaps your own native language? If this is a YES then we need you. Following recent upgrades the primary change to the Red Rising Game website was the introduction of Multilanguage support. How on earth could we justify having an English only website when we plan for the game to have at least 5 if not more translations at sale. This is why we want to at least provide an about page in as many languages as we humanly can. We already have it in (time of writing) 4 separate languages Russian, French, Spanish and Cantabru (native language of Lobu our scripting manager from, Cantabria, Northern Spain) but we would like it if we could get more. If you are interested in helping us out contact us the usual way, through Facebook, Steam or on the website (Private message Agunter99).


We want a group of people who are willing to translate our news and announcements in as many different languages as possible. There may be some sort of free content as a thank you for those who stick with us, helping us bring Red Rising to the world.



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