Q)What the Red Rising: The Eastern Trident?

A)Red Rising: The Eastern Trident is the continuation of the mod “Red Rising” for the game Men Of War Assault Squad 2. The mod focused on bringing modern units and gameplay to a game traditionally set in the conflicts of World War II.

Q)Why have the developers of the Red Rising Mod decided to make a game rather that continuing the development of the mod?

A) The developers have decided to depart from MOWAS2 and the mod because they feel that if they constructed their own game, that they could being more content to you, the player. As well as having more freedom in developmental options as they were rather limited by the aging mechanics of Men Of War.

Q)When is the earliest that we could expect the release of Red Rising: The Eastern Trident?

A) Officially there is no set release date as of yet due to the amount of variables that we have not been able to calculate, though we are looking before the end of 2017, though it will be unlikely that we will reach that date without releasing any content.

Q)How much will the game cost when it is released and where can I purchase it?

A) The game will cost somewhere in the region of €25 and we can confirm that the game will be available on Steam for the foreseeable future.

Q)I would like to financially support the development of the game, where and how could I do this?

A) We would like to thank all of those who wish to aid the development of the game in any way that they can. Unfortunately, we do not have a method of receiving such a pledge, when we are able to do so, we will throw the link everywhere so it will be hard to miss it.

Q)I would like to help in the development of the game as I possess skills that could be useful to the games development, can I help?

A)If you feel that you could effectively help the development of the game then we would be really greatful. If you are one such person then we would advise that you add “Paragonnova” on steam as he is our community manager and or message Red Rising on Facebook.

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