Devoloper Blog #2 Moving ever closer to Kickstarter

Hello again and sorry for there not being one of these ‘Devblogs’ since November but we have not really been able to say much because of our favourite type of contract, the NDA. But what I would like to do is to just give you a very quick and small update on exactly what we have been doing towards our Kickstarter and what we are doing as I feel that you probably want to know right?

Ever Closer to Kickstarter

Kickstarter trailer models
New models left to right: zlc2000, Patria AMV, M1 Abrahams, ZBD05, Challenger 2, PL-01

So basically our primary focus is to get everything ready for a Kickstarter and to create a little closed demo version of the game. To do this we have been implementing high quality realistic models into the game. Above you can see some of them, they are fully in game functional, though the stats do need some tweaking. We have just about implemented all the models we need for the Kickstarter trailer.

What we are now beginning to work on is a number of scripts that make our game have the feeling of a modern battlefield. Currently the Red Rising: The Eastern Trident feels much more like a WWII period game which is what the GEM engine was created for after all. What we need to do is implement a few small scripts like that of an ATGM script to ensure that we actually a modern combat experience. Our scripters are working hard I assure you.

We are also preparing for the Kickstarter in other ways too like ensuring that the all the rewards are possible and that we have an amazing campaign to show you. I know previously we stated that we had begun work on a trailer but that was scrapped after several improvements that have lead us to where we are at the moment. A clean sleek trailer that attracts attention not looses it.

Anyway keep your eyes open and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for more regular updates and discussion!

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