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Welcome to the Developer Blog. This is a little project to allow you to get a better idea of what the developers are doing behind closed doors. And we have ben busy. We hope to be able to provide these developer blogs quite regularly however we are certainly not promising anything yet. This week we look at Skins

Skins, Skins and more Skins

Japanese uniforms
Japanese uniform skins, Air force, Regular, Regular Varient

That’s it, skins left right and centre. We have over 200 unique uniforms which covers every nation on earth to have a standing army including some unrecognised ones. We have been able to create a uniform for every faction, it does help that half the world uses woodland or DPM but still over 200 skins is a lot. The reason we have created so many is that one of our key focuses as stated on our Prefundia page we eventually intend to have every sovereign state playable at minimum in the editor. In the very first release of the game we will provide you with every skin you need to make any modern nation.

But what even is a skin?

A skin is the texture map (the image) that covers the model (the shape of the soldier) that makes it look like each soldier is wearing a uniform. We make them following a template and then alter and manipulate to give the soldier the correct uniform. This can be very time consuming so imagine how long 200 skins took!

Previews of the skins will be released periodically s some usable equipment for each soldier can be showcased at the same time. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more preview images.

Other developments

Work on a new official trailer for the game, not the mod, has begun in which we aim to simply make something amazing to watch. Simple and dramatic to make you want it. This does also mean we are moving ever closer to the launch of the Kickstarter in which the funds raised will allow us to make the game we all want to see.

There many other little things too that we have ben working on but they are boring and pretty uninteresting so I won’t bother you with them, just be rest assured that we are making real progress!

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    I am glad to see not just Blitzkrieg III was looking at my ‘devblog’ for inspiration 😉

    Just remember those models are licensed by 1C Company, and the entire mesh will need replacing. I suggest to focus on creating the fresh model and using a similar uv-map setting so that your template for textures is not completely wasted work.

    The texture itself is cool. I would only recommend to apply a bump/normal map to be able to highlight the ups-and-downs of the collar folds, belt buckle and outline, etc.

    Equally, take into consideration the ‘watermark’ that AS2/CtA engine leaves on the screenshots, and hence my suggestion here would be to port to BoE’s engine which is the early basis bone for the future game license platform – basically to work the way upwards on a legally stable engine for the RR project.



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