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Red Rising: The Eastern Trident is the commercial continuation of the mod “Red Rising” for the game MOWAS 2. The team has decided to make the big leap from developing the mod, to developing a game, this is down to numerous reasons. One of the main reasons that we have decided upon this is because we would have more developmental freedom to do what we feel the players would want from a game that we simply could not provide in the mod. Though many features would change from the mode to the game, we can assure you that the core gameplay will be just as intense and visceral as we wall found it to be inside the mod. We would are also planning to include every nation and faction in the world (Though not on release), or at least as many as possible.

We also admit that one of our major short comings in the mod was the lack of single–player content and campaign in the mod, this was down to the sheer amount of time that such a commitment would take and we simply could not have found the time or the opportunity to make what we felt was a good single-player experience. Especially when we spent most of our time just trying to make the mod work inside the game engine of MOWAS. We honestly feel that this is the best move for Red Rising and its fan base, this is because it would allow us to provide more finished content and over all, a more polished product. Hopefully you look forward to the release of Red Rising: The Eastern Trident as we do.

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    Hi, I been follow this mod or so call a game now, for a while. I really interested in the concept of donation and reward but isn’t quiet understand it clearly. Could anyone please enlighten me on how to make a donation, and does the more u donate, all the reward from other lower value will automatically be add in for you? like a $50 donation will get you all the reward from $40, $30 ect.ect.? Any help on this would be much appreciated. 😀

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      Hello ZEEK, we are not currently accepting any pledges at the moment as we are awaiting on the final elements to be in place to begin our Kickstarter campaign. However a €50 donation will get you all the rewards from the below categories so yes they add up. Please note that the rewards are in € and not $ however a conversion to any currency can be found here: http://redrisinggame.com/kickstarter-rewards/ If you have any more questions feel free to ask

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    That pretty much clear now, Thanks for the answer. Please notify us when you guy ready for the donation and the alpha is ready. thanks

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